IUPG – 5 objectives towards the same spirit of service

By Fr Pascal Ide

What is the IUPG? Yes, it is an interface between the Emmanuel Community and academia. But what else?
One of the linchpins of the Bologna Process – which now, as already anticipated, logically reaches beyond Europe to other parts of the world – was a happy reversal of perspective, principally coming from the anglopshere, of the way of considering study – moving from an institutional and normative perspective to a practical and teleological one (the famous ‘ learning outcomes’). This  approach inspired me to recall that Aristotle, founder of the Lyceum which very much resembled the  University (in the etymological sense), saw ‘the cause of causes’ in the finality of things. This led me to pose the question ‘What are the main objectives of the IUPG?’ I have gleaned five:

  1. Being at the service of academic institutions (e.g. proposal for courses at San Marco University in Lima, Peru etc.)
  2. Being at the service of educators (to be a place of formation, compassion, evangelisation for educators)
  3. Being at the service of students (student pastoral care, student residences, support for doctoral candidates etc.)
  4. Being at the service of the ‘big’ questions (gender, psychospirituality, the relationship between science and faith etc.)
  5. Being at the service of the Community (a link with the Community’s formation department, liaison with institutions of higher learning, being a place of reflection on the charism of the Community etc.)

These five objectives are certainly not exhaustive but it should be noted that they all commence with the same word: ‘service’. According to St Paul this ‘service’ is the first act of charity (cf. 1 Cor 13:4).

May the Spirit infuse such charity in us (cf. Rm 5:5), may he inspire the IUPG and may we be docile thereto (cf. Rm 8:14).

Mentions légales

IUPG, association loi de 1901
91, boulevard Auguste Blanqui
75013 Paris

Représentant légal : Philippe Quentin
Responsable de rédaction : Isabelle Voix
Hébergeur : OVH